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Peter Pan, Janeene Katala, Celestial Whisper & Snowbunting
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14th December 2018 RIP

Gr. Ch. Palchinno Peter Pan

Click here for pedigree

Gr Ch Palchinno Peter Pan

Gr Ch Palchinno Peter Pan


Palchinno Brigadoon

Sire: Gr. Ch. Peter Pan

Dam: Quartet Gee Whizz

brigadoon 89


Palchinno Snow Crystal

Palchinno Snow Crystal

Palchinno Snow Crystal

2018 RIP

Palchinno Snow Pearl

Pic by Jean Pretty

Palchinno Snow Pearl

2006-2017 RIP

Gr. Ch. Palchinno Spartacus

Sire: Gr. Ch. Bendor Nirvana

Dam: UK Supreme Imperial Grand Champion Celestial Whisper

3 5 13 Breeding

1st November 2008: won Imperial Grand

6th October 1 Grand cc LH SL

Blue Persian Best in show Adult 1 Grand cc Open 1cc

Click here for pedigree

Palchinno Spartacus


2004-2017 RIP

Supreme UK & Imp. Gr. Ch. (2008) Palchinno Celestial Whisper (Whisper)

British Pedigree 3.5.13

Sire: Tribute Magestic

Dam: Gr. Ch. Palchinno Misshidda Blue

The first blue persian fermale in Great Britain to achieve Imperial Grand status. 

Imperial Grand Champion 1st November 2008: Best in Show blue persian female.  Many thanks to all the judges. 

18 gr cc

Winner of UK GRAND at the Supreme Show November, 2006

Winner of 3 IMPERIAL GRANDS (Blue Persian Show and Kentish Cat Club Show 2006)

Winner of BEST OF BREED at the Supreme Show 19th November, 2005

Down to the last 8 in BEST OF VARIETY and also awarded a Grand at the Supreme Show, 19th November, 2005

Winner of the Grace Pond Trophy, Best Blue at the National Cat Club December 2004, Best in Breed

Made up to Champion in her first three adult shows.

To Grand Champion in 6 consecutive shows! - Never beaten

Winner of BEST OF BREED at Capital Long Haired Cat Club Show on 7th January, 2006

Awarded RESERVE IMPERIAL GRAND at the Southern Counties Cat Club Show on Saturday 28th January, 2006.

Winner of BEST OF BREED at Capital Long Haired Cat Show January 2007

Awarded a Grand and a 1st at the Croydon C.C. Show February 2007

Medway C.C. Best in show Adult, Grand Two Firsts

Celestial Whisper
Celestial Whisper

Celestial Whisper


Ch. Palchinno Blueberry

Ch Palchinno Blueberry


Ch Palchinno Ocean Storm

Sire: Ch Steeplechase Line by Line

Dam: Palchinno Brigadoon

Pic by Jean Pretty

Ch Palchinno Ocean Storm


Palchinno Lotus Flower

Sire: Gr Ch Ti Amo van Huize Rodneys

Dam: Palchinno Barbie Doll




Palchinno My Girl Lollipop

Sire: Gr. Ch. Peter Pan

Dam: Quartet Gee Whizz

Palchinno My Girl Lollypop

Palchinno Lollipop


Retired 2017

Palchinno Lotus Flower

Sire: Gr Ch Ti Amo van Huize Rodneys

Dam: Palchinno Barbie Doll



Palchinno Tom Foolery

Living with Leanne

Palchinno Tom Foolery

Gr Ch Palchinno Snowqueen

Essex cc 2013: 1 cc bob

Sire: Ch. Ti Amo Van Huize Rodneys

Dam: Imp. Gr. Ch. Palchinno Snow Cloud

Three Counties CC August 2013: 1 grand cc b.o.b. Red Card day

Palchinno Snowqueen

Ch. Palchinno Allana Mistique

Click here for pedigree

Cambridge cc 27 March 2010 1 cc b.o.b. first and a second

First adult show 2008: longhair cream/bluecream 1 cc best off breed 3 firsts; Red Card Day

Also best in show female adult.

Her baby sister Palchinno Missy Buskin same Show 2 open 3 firsts.

Big thank you to their judges

First kitten show:

  • Three Counties Cat Show
  • Red card day and B.o.B. 3 5 13 breeding

Wiltshire 1cc b.o.b.

Allana Mystique

Ansteyn Starspangleforose

Blue tortie tabby

Sire: Gr Ch Ansteyn Adagio

Dam: Tracyloo Tabbitute

Wiltshire CC 2012: red card day and b.o.b.


Anysten Star Spangle

Palchinno Choc Oh Luk

Sire: Gr. Ch. Ti Amo Van Huize Rodneys

Dam: Gr. Ch. Palchinno Snowangel


Palchinno Choc Oh Luk

Palchinno Choc Oh Luk

Ch Palchinno Gaiety Girl

Sire: Imperial Gr Ch Palchinno Janeene Katala

Dam: Ch Palchinno Flame of Torvan


Palchinno Gaiety Girl


Ch. Steeplechase Line by Line

Passed away in November 2015 after a short illness.

RIP my lovely boy.


Kensington Kitten CC July 2013 RED CARD DAY

  • best of variety kitten
  • overall best variety persian

Best of variety kitten at the Three Counties CC August 2013

Steeplechase Line by Line



Line aka Liner


Retired 2015

Ch. Palchinno Lady in Red

When 6 months old

Awarded CC at East Sussex Cat Club Show on 15th July, 2006

Awarded 3 Firsts, A second and Best Of Breed at Cambridgeshie Cat Club Show on 25th March, 2006

Awarded a Grand at Croydon C.C. Show in February 2007

Awarded CC, 2 Firsts and Best of Breed at Essex C.C. Show in April 2007

Ch Lady in Red

Retired 2015

Ch. Tracyloo Amber Fluff

Brown tabby

Celtic CC 19 june 2010 1 cc b.o.b.

Wiltshire CC 3 july 2010 1 cc b.o.b.

Oxon Berks 1cc b.o.b.

Tracyloo Amber Fluff

Tracyloo Amber Fluff

Retired 2015

Ch. Palchinno Blossom

Capital Longhair 1CC BOB 2 Firsts 1 Second

Eastern Counties August 2010 1 cc

Long Hair Semi Long Hair October 2010 1cc b.o.b.













2nd picture courtesy of Jean Pretty


Retired 2015

Ch. Palchinno Desert Rose

Sire: Imp Gr Ch Ansteyn Redhotchilliepepper

Dam: Palchinno Missy Buskin

Kensington Kitten Show July 2011 best of variety kitten

Three Counties cc red card day

1 October Long Hair Semi Long Hair red card day.

April 2012 East Sussex Cat Club 1cc bob

Retired 2015

Imperial Gr. Ch. Palchinno Janeene Katala (Janeene)

Triple Grand Champion

Many thanks to all the judges!

US/British Pedigree

Sire: Gr. Ch.Bendor Nirvana

Dam: Gr. Ch. Lazanne Gaiety Girl

Awarded Imperial Grand at the Longhair & Semi Longhair C.C. Show November 2006

Awarded Imperial Grand at the Croydon C.C. Show February 2007

Awarded Imperial Grand at the Essex C.C. Show April 2007

Awarded two Reserve Imperial Grands

Grand Champion Palchinno Janeene Katala


Retired 2015

Gr. Ch. Palchinno Snow Angel

Joined girls with her mother, Imp Gr Ch Palchinno Snowcloud.

Made up to Grand Champion in six shows. Well done, little girl!

Bristol Cat Club 1cc bob

London Cat Club 1 cc bob

Herts Middlesex Cat Club 1cc bob

1 grand cc bob 1 October

Blue Persian CC 5th November 1 grand cc and b.ob

Pictures by Jean Pretty

Palchinno Smow Angel November 2011

Palchinno Snow Angel

Retired 2013:

Palchinno Sharacova


Retired 2013:

Palchinno Kathlyn

Sire: Elledubrad Chesterly

Dam: Lazane Dolly Daydream

Palchinno Kathlyn

Retired 2012:

Gr. Ch. Palchinno Sea Nymph

White Persian 6/3/2010 1 gr cc 2 firsts blue cream cc 1 Gr cc

Southern Counties Jan 2009 1cc best of Breed

Croydon Feb 2009 1cc best off breed

Wessex March 2009 1cc best of breed

Celtic cc June 2009 1 grand cc 1cc b.o.b. Celtic cc

Wiltshire 1 Grand cc 1 cc b.o.b.

Southern Counties cc Jan 2011 1 reserve Imperial Grand

White persian cc March 2011 1 reserve Imperial Grand

Long hair Cream/bluecream 1 imperial Grand RED CARD DAY


Pictures 1 & 2 by Jean Pretty

Gr Ch Palchinno Sea Nymph

Gr Ch Palchinno Sea Nymph

Palchinno Sea Nymph


Retired 2012:

Ch. Palchinno White Heather

joining Mum: Palchinno White Orchid

Black/White Cat Club 17 april 2010 1 cc b.o.b.

Bristol & District CC
8/05/2010 palchinno white heather 1 cc b.o.b.

White Heather

Retired 2012:

Palchinno Black Bess

Sire: Ch Palchinno Midnight Caller

Dam: Palchinno Isle of Light

White Persian cc 6/3/ 2010 1cc 2 firsts

CC Best of Breed












Picture courtesy of Jean Pretty

Black Bess

Retired 2011:

Palchinno Peaches

Peaches has found a lovely new home

Palchinno Peaches

Retired 2009:

Gr. Ch. Palchinno Misshidda Blue (Purdie)

British Pedigree 3.5.13

Sire: Gr. Ch. Bendor Nirvana

Dam: Bendor Euphemia


Misshidda Blue

Retired 2010:

Gr. Ch. Lazane Gaiety Girl

Full US Pedigree

Best of variety long haired adult in show - Southern Counties C.C. 2002

Sire: Sharamka US Onewayticket

Dam: Sharamka US Carousel

Grand Champion Lazane Gaiety Girl

Retired 2009: 

Palchinno Isle of Light

Sire: Ch. Talshiar Starbound Apollo

Dam: Bendor Euphemia

Born 1st August 2005

Isle of Light

Retired 2009: 

Gr. Ch. Lazane Summers Dream

US/Dutch Pedigree

Sire: Sharamka US OneWayTicket

Dam: Lazane Mystic Meg

Made up in 6 shows. Six times Best of Breed - Never Beaten!

summers dream

Retired 2009 (living with Natalie): 

Ch. Palchinno Atheena

15th March 2008 Surrey Sussex 1cc Bob.

29th March 2008 Cambridge cat Club 1cc Bob.

12th April 2008 Essex cat Club 1cc Bob.

Well done Atheena. Many thanks to her Judges.


Palchinno Atheena

Ch. Palchinno
Love Me Tender


tica champion

Sire: Elledubrad Chesterly

Dam: Gr. Ch. Lazane Summers Dream

This is Paris, our wonderful black & white van male

Full US Pedigree

11/12 August 2007 The Spotica Slub: made up to Champion subject to verication

Congratulations to Paris on winning his 2nd C.C. at West Country Cat Club Show on 29th October, 2005, where he also won Best of Breed.

Love me Tender

Ch. Palchinno Persian Majesty (Bubbles)


born 23rd June 2005

Sire: Gr. Ch. Bendor Nirvana

Dam: Admillo White Light

Best of Breed and his first C.C. at the East Sussex Cat Club Show on 16th July, 2005

Best of Breed and 2nd C.C. at the Three Counties Cat Club Show on 20th August, 2005

Awarded a 2nd and a 3rd at the Southern Counties Cat Club Show on 28th January, 2006

Bubbles: picture by Tracy Morgan Animal Photography

Gr. Ch. Bendor Nirvana (Tam)


Passed away 2nd May 2013

Rest in peace, Tam.
We miss you.

British Pedigree 3.5.13

Sire: Lazane Class Act

Dam: Kiraaza Success

At 11 years old: Blue persian 2010 2 and 2 firsts

Well done old man!

Staying with us as a much loved pet.  We owe this boy so much.  He has sired so many beautiful kittens. 

Bendor Nirvana

Ch. Palchinno Midnight Caller


US/Dutch pedigree

SIRE: Sharamka US Onewayticket

DAM: Gr. Ch. Lazane Summers Dream

(photo: Jean Pretty)

Champion Palchinno Midnight Caller

Ch. Palchinno Flame of Torvan


Cambridge CC March 2009 best of breed CC 2 firsts 1 second

1 CC second and 2 thirds Croydon CC February 2009

Celtic CC June 2009 1 cc



Bubbles Devare

blue-eyed white male

blue-eyed white

Palchinno Azeena

Sire: Imp Gr Ch Ansteyn Redhotchilliepepper

Dam: Palchinno Missy Buskin

joining her sister, Ch Palchinno Desert Rose

1cc BoB Bristol & District show 2012

Pictures by Robert Fox

Quartet Gee Whizz

Sire: Gr Ch Ocalicos Kudos

Dam: Quartet Frilly Knickers

Tortie tabby

(Pictures courtesy of Jean Pretty)


Quartet Gee Whizz

Quartet Gee Whizz

Palchinno Misty,
living with Angela

Nearly 12 years old in this picture. Thank you Angela. She is a credit to you.

Palchinno Misty
Palchinno Marley, living with Wendy

Palchinno Marley

Palchinno boys Harry, Boris & Amos, living with Gary. Palchinno boys Harry, Boris & Amos

In memory...

Imp. Gr. Ch. Ansteyn Redhotchilipepper (pet name Pepper)

Click here for pedigree

Full Dutch Pedigree

Thank you Stephanie for this lovely Boy

Counties Cat Show Gr 1 Imperial Grand 1 Grand 1 first 1 second - Well done Pepper!

1 Imperial Grand Cambridge cc 27 March 2010 b.o.b.

1 Reserve Imperlal Grand National cc Dec 2009 Central Longhair 23/1/20101 Imperial Grand. White Persian cc 6/3/2010 1 Reserve Imperial Grand

Best ln show persian longhair semi longhair bucks oxon/berks cs 1 Grand cc 1cc bob longhair semi/longhair 1Grand cc 1cc bob

Three Counties cs 1 Grand cc 1 cc bob two firsts Red Card day

1 cc b.o.b. Somerset cc 6th June 2009

1 cc b.o.b. Celtic cc 20th June 2009

Wiltshire 1cc b.o.b.

Three Counties cc: imperial Grand

Long Hair Semi Long Hair October 2010 1 imperial Grand Red Card day



Went to sleep June 2013


Picture courtesy of Jean Pretty

In memory...

Palchinno Babushka

Awarded a Second and 2 Thirds at the Capital Long Haired Cat Club Show

Fell asleep April 2012


Jemineve Ao Luk

Click here for pedigree

Sire: Gr Ch Angiel Ace of hearts

Dam: Cfa Gr Ch Caparty's Wonder Of Jemineve

Jemineve Ao Luk

Palchinno Lorna Doone

tortie tabby female

Palchinno Lorna Doone

Imp Gr Ch Palchinno Janeene

with six kittens

Imp Gr Ch Janeene

Molly Malone

This non-pedigree cat was abandoned at Christmas 2009 and decided to stay with us.

London first show: first Master cat certicifate: Well done Molly Malone


Palchinno White Orchid

living with Jenny



now living with Penny & Dan


Palchinno Anastasia

now living with Margaret and David

Palchinno Anastasia

Palchinno Anastasia

Ruby Tuesday Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday

Palchinno Monte Cristo

Born 17th August 2006

Sire: Ch. Palchinno Love Me Tender

Dam: Palchinno Kathlyn

Monte Cristo had a Red Card Day at the Capital Longhair Cat Show January 2007, and was also awarded BEST OF BREED

At the Croydon C.C. Show February 2007, he was awarded 3 firsts, a second and Best of Breed

Palchinno Monte Cristo
Palchinno Monte Cristo


The Magnificent Seven

Born on 11th September 2006

  • 1 Cream & White Van Boy
  • 2 Blue & White Van Boys
  • 3 Red & White Boys
  • 1 Red & White Girl

Sire: Elledubrad Chesterly

Dam: Grand Champion Palchinno Janeen Katala



I watch her from the window of my house cross the street.
I feel I know her inside out, though we have yet to meet.
I see her walking down the path, so confident and sleek.
Passers-by just stare at her or cross the road to speak.
'You're beautiful,' they say to her, 'so full of poise and grace',
'Such piercing eyes, and perfect teeth, a truly lovely face'.
I wonder if she'll notice me, perhaps I'll take a chance,
I'll go and introduce myself, just hoping for romance.
But what if she rejects me? 'You're not good enough,' she'll say,
'We've come from different backgrounds, it's not meant to be this way'.
I know we have no chance of love, I know I can't change that -
Because she's a persian kitten and I'm just a Tabby cat!

Bendor Euphemia (Topaz)

British Pedigree 3.5.13

Sire: Lazane Class Act

Dam: Bendor Limited Edition

2 Challenge Certificates and 2 Best of Breed

Bendor Euphemia (Topaz)

Elledubrad Chesterly

US Pedigree

SIRE: Ocalicos Clancy (USA Import)

DAM: Elledubrad Cajun Queen


Palchinno Blue Provence

Palchinno Jasper

Three Firsts, Best of Breed and one Second

Palchinno Snow Cloud

12 weeks old

Palchinno Dolly Mixture

Living with Mark and Marianne and the boys


10-year-old neuter

Letter from Palchinno Jazmine

Hi Rose,

I am fine, settled in with Toby, which is cosy & fun. He gives me the odd wash & we tumble around & I squeak a lot!

Jan & Derek say I am noisy - well I was on the long journey here.

At night I listen to Classic FM, it is my favourite, it is soothing and sends me to sleep and then I don't squeak!

I miss the other kittens.

Love Jazmine